Musclecars Posters/Ads

Mopar had some of the fastest musclecars built,Plymouth and Dodge,offer up to the musclecar buyer pure performance,440cid magnums or the 426cid Hemi,straight line performance at it best.

Plymouth GTX
The Plymouth GTX was the top of the line musclecar offer up by Plymouth,it could be optioned with every thing that Chrysler had to offer,the rich man musclecar,but the options also added weight,but you drove around in comfort.So it was the Road-Runner with a "HEMI" that made you the King,pure muscle,raw and powerful,stripped to the bone, no other options,the Hemi was all you need.

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner
Not everyone could afford a new Plymouth GTX and Plymouth new that,so they built a musclecar that everyone could aford,a low option,high performance,street-car,the Roadruuner,with a hopped up 383cid magnum,4/speed,this lite weight baby could run with the GTX,add some aftermatket pieces with the money you save,and hang on for the ride,BEEP,Beep,get out of my way.

DODGE Coronet & Charger R/T
Dodge answer to the musclecar war was the Coronet R/T and the Charger R/T,both with the 440cid magnum and all the bells and option that they could add on,still fast, and heavy,they to cost a pretty penny,but if performance and comfort was your bag,then they were the way to go.

1970 Dodge Superbee
Dodge had their version of the Roadrunner,and they called it Superbee,built in the last part of 1968,it to was a low option street-machine,packing the same hopped up 383cid magnum and lite weight as the Roadrunner,but it was built with a few more creature comforts than the Plymouth,but the price was almost the same.