The forgotten USMC Divers of Song Han River Vietnam, also called the Da Nang River in 1968!
USMC Divers Da Nang River 1968!

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Does anyone remember this picture? Catch of the day, C- company 3rd MP Battalion Viet Nam divers style fishing.

Bob Jonessays...

Pictures of Marine H-34's helicopters It was the last piston-engined helicopter to be operated by the United States Marine Corps throughout Southeast Asia.

Donald Morrisonsays...

Some random pictures of Vietnam.

Rebecca Jordansays...

Never forget our Vietnam Veterans.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is dedicated to honoring those who died in the Vietnam War.

Allan Bowyersays...

My dad was on one of those Swift boat in 1968, they was used extensively during the Vietnam War to inhibit the movement of enemy troops and supplies in the coastal waters and rivers of South Vietnam.


Every time I see one of those Swift boat I think of "Hanoi John Kerry" I was with C- company 3rd MP Battalion Viet Nam and there were no "Hanoi John Kerry's in our midst. We hand no "band-aid types" and Some of us didn't even report injury to higher headquarters.