My Camaro Z28

2000 Chevy Camaro Z28
This is my second Camaro with the LS1 engine,my first was a Camaro SS,that was total in a little mishap,this Z28 has the 6speed and 3.42 rear-gears and with all the options like t-tops,leather interior,monsoon audio system and the rest of the good stuff.



1998 Camaro SS and 2000 Camaro Z28
My 98 Camaro SS-LS1,comeing home from the dealer and my new 2000 Camaro Z28 that I got after the SS decided to fly thur some houses,it was a total loss,but I'm real happy with my Z28.

The Window Sticker for my Z28
These cars may not be cheap,at 25000 bucks,but they are the best bang for the money,compare to other performance cars,it's to bad they will be gone after 2002.