The World of Concept Cars

Could this be the new 1993 Camaro?
In 1989 the Camaro was heading for a whole new look by 1993,when the new car would make it's debut,but would it really look like the concept car Chevy was showing,or were they just trying to fool everybody with this Calif-Camaro.

1993 Camaro ?
A lot of Chevy concept car never got close to production,but this one didn't change a whole lot from what the 1993 camaro looks likes.And this was in 1989.

Chevy new 2003 SSR
This Chevy concept car(truck) will be put in production in 2003,this pick-up has a lot going for it,but the hp will be limited to about 285 for the first year and only a automatic will be offer,will it take the place of the f-bodies twins,Chevy says No.

200? PT Cruiser
This PT cruiser converible,for now is only a designer dream,but so was the orignal PT Cruiser,just a few short years ago.

Dodge Charger concept
This is one concept car that Chrysler should had built.The Dodge Charger R/T concept,had a 5.7litre Hemi engine,6/speed manual,and 4/doors,this baby priced in the 30's would had been a big hit with the musclecars guys,performance and beauty.