History of the Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper GTS
The Dodge Viper with it's 488cid,all-alum v/10 engine,and 6/speed tranny,this American sport car is nothing but kick-ass fast,with 450hp this is one snake,with a deadly strike.

If you see this car in your rear-view mirror,don't even try,just move over and let him pass.

The first Viper
There were a few changes made from this Viper and the one that made it in to production,and for the target price of under $30,000,I don't think so,but for any price the Dodge Viper is still one hell of a musclecar.

Will Chrysler ever build a car this wild?
Carroll Shelby was asked by Chrysler to help them design a new car,a Cobra for the new generation,and the Viper is the end result,an all American sport-car,the baddest ride on the street,and one that would run with the Ferrari,at about a third of the price.The Dodge Viper is about to be born.

The Viper and the Cobra
The Dodge Viper gets the go ahead and make it into production,it was called the Viper R/T10 Roadster,for it V/10 engine,of 488cid with 405hp,this modern day Cobra was just starting to show it's fangs.