My Photo Album of more streetcars.

Streetcars for the average Joe:
These are pictures of cars that anyone can handle on the street in fact my wife drives her Z/28 LS1,with the 6-speed,everyday,the little old lady from Pasadena,

Real streetcars are alway RED.?
Chevrolet Camaro Z/28-LS1 with the 305hp,6-speed and 3.42 reargears,comes in a lot of colors,but RED is hot,and this is one hot-ride.

In 1968 Plymouth hit the nail on the head,the Plymouth RoadRunner,was a big hit,good 1/4 miles manners,low options,no frills,get down the road muscle-car.

Mopars and Mustangs,they just grow on you.
The Ford Mustang Cobra,1997 version,white with tan interor with Saleen 18in rims,305hp-D.o.h.c-281cid,the next is a 1981 Mustang Cobra,with a upgraded 302cid,parked beside it is a 1993 Cobra-SVT-GT/40/302cid,no3716 of a run of 4993,and 1984 Mustang LX/302-5/speed,Mustangs,you-just-got-to-love-them.

A red Hemi-cuda!!!
Did someone say (Only performance cars come in RED)?