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The new bad boys on the street,the new Camaro Z/28 by Chevrolet.Now with the 346cid all alum,305hp,corvette inspired LS-1.The ponycar LIVES.

Chevrolet Camaro SS
Camaro SS came back to the street in 1996 with a SLP inspired performance package,in 1997 SLP did it agin.with hp reaching 330,with a few LT-4'being built,and the LS-1 new for 1998 with upto 320hp.The Z/28 has a 305hp LS1.From the pages of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Ford,It's pains us to say this,but a faceful of taillights is what you may get if you race a CamaroZ28/SS with a stock Bullitt,or GT or even a Cobra.We flinched a few years back when we tested a stock Z28-LS1 and it went 12.89 at 108mph.But we attributed some of that to cold air on test day,no way the Z28 can run in the 12's in the heat.Oops,it went 12.96@107.43 in lousy air and full tank of gas,not to mention a 13.06@108.71 and a 13.08@107.67 later in the hottest part of the day,on stock radials.Back at Crazy Horse,it pumped 321 hp to the rear wheels on the Dynojet,that 42 more hp than the last Cobra we tested and 82 more than the Bullitt.But now it',s 2002 and in May; Ford has put the "Bite" in the new Cobras strike,with 281cid D.O.H.C--Supercharged--390hp killer,this new Cobra comes with a 6/speed-tranny,and H.D.IRS beefed up for all that torque,and 18 inch rims,this bad boy will be looking for LS1 Corvettes to play with.And now a sad note,August of this year,the F-bodies twins will no longer; be made;;;;;But there are rumors,that a 5th-gen-Camaro may find it's way into production in 2005,hopefully,their be as fast as the new Camaros LS1 will now have>>>>>>>

2010 Chevy Camaro SS vs. 2010 Ford Mustang GT, 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T



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As an old car-nut I was born in the 50's grew up in the60's,and fell in love with American made performance car they have been my passion for the last 40 years.I love all performance cars,and this web site has a little bit about them all,from Camaro to Mustang and from Vipers to Corvettes.

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Send me pictures of your work of art,and tell us all about your pride and joy,from pure stock,to all out street freak,or story about your car.And there are a lot more pictures on the links below,so check them out,also check out the Camaro Z28 link on this page,it's about my own 2000 Camaro Z28.Also if you like to save money and time than check out the SuperStore link,they sell just about everything,be it for your car,your home or yourself.

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